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How to Be Seen by More Buyers on Ebay

With millions of items for sale on Ebay there are a few keys that really help your item to be seen.

Good Pictures

Always lots of good pictures.  EBay now allows you to post several pictures for free with your listing.  Take  at least a half a dozen to give your potential buyer a view of as many sides of your item as possible.   Put your camera on the highest quality setting you can.  Do not worry about a picture being too large.

XLC Pedals from Zbikenut on Ebay

Great Headlines

Putting the most important words in your listing at the front of the title is important.  Ebay allows a much longer title than they originally did.  But in the Ebay search engine the first words in your title are the most important.

Great Customer Service

Your previous customer service is used by eBay as a predictor of your future customer service.  So if you have made a lot of ebay customers unhappy your listings will not rank as high in ebay.  The better your Customer Service, the more your items get seen and Sold.  This has become a huge factor for Ebay to differentiate between sellers.

Great Customer Service is way more important than many sellers realize.  Be the best and you will get more views and sales on ebay.

Ebay Descriptions

Your Description should have all the information possible.  Many listings just put the basic information from the manufacturer.  If you have significant knowledge about the item, write it out and post it.  It will help your buyer and it will help your item sell.  I have a lot of items on ebay.  When I get a question about an item after I answer the question I will update the listing and answer the question in the listing.

XLC Seatposts from Zbikenut on Ebay
Seatposts from Zbikenut on Ebay

Ebay Changes

The goal of Ebay is happy buyers.   All of the changes that Ebay has made over the last 10 years have been to make the purchase safer for buyers.  Without happy buyers the venue will just fade away.

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Ebay Profit Tips

The Five Keys toYour Success on eBay

Huge Ebay Traffic

EBay was the first online auction house to get big traffic. The eBay phenomenon is absolutely the best rags to riches story of online success. The traffic and buzz eBay was able to create and build upon is stunning. The traffic that Ebay is able to get to anyone's auction advertizement is unbelievable. Some of the listings that I have put on ebay have garnered over 1000 viewings in seven days. 

Shimano Crankset available  from Zbikenut on Ebay
Shimano Crankset from Zbikenut on Ebay


One of the keys in any advertisement is to develop Urgency. The auction model has always been good at giving the potential buyer a real sense of urgency. You must bid before the auction ends or you will not be able to buy this item. 

 The cost of listing items puts urgency in the seller. The starting price must be low enough to attract interested buyers.


In order to leave feedback for another eBayer you have buy or sell something.  Feedback from lots of people that have dealt with an individual you are thinking of dealing with is awesome. 

It is a huge factor for eBay Buyers and sellers.  


The Feedback system helps get rid of the unethical sellers. If you buy from or become a TOP RATED PLUS SELLER  you have gotten a lot of great feedback and have shipped over 90% or your sales within one business day.

Paypal adds another layer of security for both the sellers and the buyers.

Speed of Shipment

Ebay has created another class of sellers. TOP RATED PLUS sellers work to a higher standard than even Amazon.  They must have over a 98% positive feedback, and they must ship at least 90% of the items they sell within one business day.  Most Ebay powersellers will ship your item to you quicker than Amazon.

I would recommend always buying from Top Rated Plus ebay sellers if you have the option.  They have proven that they have in stock what you order and ship it within one business day.

Ebay Bicycle Seat from Zbikenut
Brown Bicycle Seat from Zbikenut on Ebay

Craig's List VS Ebay

Craigslist has become a power online. Will it come to compete with eBay? I give that a resounding NO. Craigslist is an online classified listing. It is great for dealing locally but it will not compete with eBay in its current form. It does not give urgency or trust and it doesn't have the billing system to become the monster cash generator that eBay has become.
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